New Oxidized Textures for Planium

creative oxidation

05 gennaio 2023 di Luigi Luca Borrelli
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Is metal oxidation a simple or complex operation? It is certainly of an artistic nature.

Already tested for the Milanese Fuorisalone in June, now this technology is back as the protagonist for the PLANIUM brand which has created new textures with bright colors that are added to those obtained months ago.

The more iridescent yellow of the Brass accentuates its brightness, for "solar" peaks, just as the oxidized steel of the Gallery in the Design Week was instead "selenic" because it was inspired by the moon. Zinc yellow, swede, therefore clear and bright, far from the golden yellow with green notes of the initial Brass from which it now differs in terms of "brilliant". But also a Brass that tends to a bright Blue, cobalt, ultramarine.

Now new slabs enhance two different color contrasts with Copper and Brass.

The first shows a certain complementarity between the luminous copper in its natural state, in forms that recall emerged lands - with a bit of Matisse-like contours! - over the seas of blues and light blues of the same oxidized metal: tones ranging from cobalt to even the coldest periwinkle and cornflower.


Also the other plate, this oxidation of the Brass, goes a little on the theme of morphology and here we could say that the contrast of colors is perhaps less accentuated, by virtue of the fact that we find once again the earth-water chromatic theme ranging from cedar brown to opaque yellows (sand, ivory) to marine greens such as Sage green, cold greens of undoubted elegance bordering almost with grays.

In fact, it should be remembered that Brass has a golden but cold hue that with oxidation breaks up into colors such as Cerulean, Blues, Turquoise, Ultramarine Blue.


On the PLANIUM shop you have an overview of the PLANIUM collection developed over the years, increasing the knowledge techniques of this timeless material that is the metal.

Steel, Copper, Brass in different treatments and aesthetic results for floors and walls at the service of architecture and design. Oxidation, as you can see, is not only the abstract one of creative textures, but also the one that follows a more orderly process for steels: the Stainless Steel that becomes oxidized takes on an autumnal brown color, whereas the Calamine completely escapes the chromatic rules of stainless steel because it has a much more transversal range of colors.

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