A Dialogue among Textures. Smooth and Oxidized Metal to Furnish

the logic of contrasts

19 gennaio 2023 di Luigi Luca Borrelli
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Often the "logic" that we use in the West, the Greek one then revisited in other forms, is structured on the dialectic of "opposites", citing a concept and its opposite. Light and darkness, day and night, light and dark, order and disorder and so on. And visually? Even our culture linked to images can exploit this dichotomy to create its own harmony, a pattern, something that generates scenographic virtuosity. Clearly if in thought this way of arguing often gives a moral sense to speech, with shapes and colors it is instead an opportunity not to send a message, but to showcase diversity by placing them side by side. Let's see it in the example of the metallic textures of PLANIUM to decorate with floors and walls.

In the brand, the variety of brass, copper and various types of steel give life to different collections: Charme, Silver and Eclipse. The Metal-Morphosis collection features designer oxidized slabs starting from natural metals. All thanks to controlled oxidative processes that generate surprising colors and create artistic surfaces and unique coatings. With these oxidations, combinations of this type become realistic for furnishing interiors with metal, with a smooth texture in its metallic "integrity" alongside an oxidized metal texture that represents an explosion of colors.


The Chromatic Contrast between Natural and Oxidized Copper

Thus it will be possible to alternate, for example, coppery, an essentially warm color, an oxidation of copper which, while retaining its base, opens up to decidedly more expansive tones and horizontally to bluish colors and linked to shades of blue, representing settings similar to the seabed, but also to cartographies, as close as it is to the land-water union. The "smooth" Copper, therefore, in its basic textures, allows with the juxtaposition of the oxidized Copper a chromatic range that can lead to a double direction and to a scenography that covers at least two different directions, and all starting from the same material. The "red" (or "red/orange") base is accompanied by a riot of colors with unpredictable shades that break up the monochrome and constitute an alternation that will be able to mark the interiors of 2023.

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