Caoscreo Thinks about Women

8th of March

07 marzo 2024 di La Redazione TBlog
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We know that on March 8th, Women are celebrated...

The mimosa was chosen in Italy to represent this celebration, a small and soft yellow flower that blooms on trees usually at the end of winter in the month of March. It is also the symbol of friendship and happiness.

Its ornamental plant has leaves that flex if they are even lightly touched, in fact it is nicknamed the touch-me-out plant or the sensitive shrub. There are different varieties of this tree; the most widespread is obviously the yellow one, bright and vital; then there is the pink one, which represents love and femininity, the delicate white and the rarest of all, the passion red and each of these has a soft but very intense fragrance.

CAOSCREO thinks of women, who just like mimosas are gentle beings but at the same time robust figures in everyone's life.

Mothers, daughters, grandmothers and life partners usually use their moments free from work for the family: there is very little time left for themselves. Today is simply the day when you can give yourself some well-deserved rest.

An armchair, a book, a herbal tea and it is immediately relaxing, taking a moment to rest is the greatest gift to give yourself today.

Soozy by CAOSCREO, just like the mimosa, is the perfect solution for this occasion.


Soozy, the multifunctional coffee table with magazine rack, is perfect for furnishing homes, reception areas and waiting rooms, and can also be used as a bedside table because in the space underneath you can employ it as a small bookcase ideal for bedrooms, kids bedrooms or living rooms.

A furnishing accessory that combines linearity, geometry, robustness and character, excellent for those who need to optimize spaces or for those who want to have everything at hand.

Made of metal painted in its bright colours, it will give the rooms absolute originality during your moments of rest.

Visit our shop, you will find a wide choice of products with exclusive designs that will help you have style and novelty according to your needs.

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