Caoscreo is Shabby Chic

18 marzo 2024 di La Redazione TBlog
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Among the design trends of the recent years, the Shabby Chic style has returned to popularity in the coolest apartments. Coming from the typical cottages of the English countryside, it is called like this because it literally means "looking old and used but elegant".

We are talking about a fashion aimed at giving a touch of class with vintage tones, which transforms interior spaces into modern but comfortable and delicate environments with aged furnishings on the outside.

A Shabby Chic home is mainly characterized by natural colors and elements such as light wood, metal, wicker and antique fabrics, preferring linen and cotton, which go well with wrought iron objects and renovated period furniture.

CAOSCREO is Shabby Chic as it has recreated in a modern key two important figures from the past, 2.D Night and Lampadě born from the collaboration between the Brand and the designer Fabio Marchi.

2.D Night is the first presented on the CAOSCREO market, inaugurating its design collection.


Geometric shape, square base in Mirror stainless steel and a thin stem that leads to a trapezoidal diffuser, a form that brings to mind the lamps of the last century. Its minimal outline makes it ideal for this context between traditional and contemporary.

Lampadě, on the other hand, with a more rounded and harmonious representation, refers to the archetype of the classic lamp with shade from the late nineteenth century. Its particular curvilinear stretch makes it a present icon, it will give the desired antique atmosphere of this inclination.

All CAOSCREO products are made with the ambition of preserving Nature. Obtained from metal, a recyclable raw material, respecting the environment. Our company's production processes are aimed at limiting waste through ecological production processes, with eco-sustainable materials, including labels and packaging.

Visit the CAOSCREO website and discover all the collections: a combination of quality and style that will leave you speechless.

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