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06 febbraio 2024 di Valentina Dago
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Metal...Wellness from the East

PLANIUM by Terenzi Srl has always worked with one of the most precious materials in human history. Natural, ductile and renewable raw material, Metal has accompanied the human being and sanctioned the beginning of civilization.

Metal is also the ideal resource for maintaining hygiene and healthiness. In this regard, it has long been involved in interiors both in residential contexts as well as in the public sphere; in furnishings it is well-being together with an absolute guarantee of durability. It combines perfectly with the modern, as with the classic, with a view to respecting tradition; its openness towards the contemporary is marked and its reference to the East is surprising. Just far from Europe we find the protagonist metal of Feng-Shui.

What is meant by Feng-Shui?

Feng-Shui is a concept that combines two terms of the Chinese language: "Wind" and "Water" and refers specifically to the two main elements that shape the Earth in the Eastern world. They have the property of establishing the livability characteristics of each place.

Feng-Shui is an ancient Taoist geomantic art, auxiliary to architecture, similar to Western geomancy, which however takes into consideration additional aspects of the psyche and astrology. Its origins, uncertain and rather ancient, are traced back to the 9-star Ki system. This horoscope includes 9 numbers, combined with the 5 elements (fire, earth, water, wood, metal), each of which corresponds to a direction.

Fire is associated with the South, it is about brightness, creativity, spirit.

Water is associated with the North, it concerns rest, interiority and interpersonal relationships.

The Earth is associated with the Northeast and the Southwest, it concerns government, social, food and health.

Wood is associated with the East and Southeast, it relates to travel, commerce, inventions and computing.

METAL is associated with the North-West and the West, it concerns organization, financial activities, investments.


Metal for the brand Planium

Our Company has been able to model Metal in an innovative way and has enriched its experience over the years through the use of professionals and designers.

We cut it, bent it, deep-drawn it, we shaped it to our liking, at the service of the client and the world of industry. We have created perfect products, taking care of them in every detail.

But that was not enough for us yet: Metal with an industrial dimension has become a creative solution, a designer detail, real art with a beating heart.

We have reconsidered the distinct nature of the various finishes, colors, properties; we have investigated textures, which are revealed every time as a discovery. Later have we moved the horizon further: we have come to challenge the material, distorting its external appearance and perception. The splendid flare-ups were born, originated from the oxidative processes that we control and thanks to which nothing is as before.

Like waves that ripple the surface of the sea, like an eternal bubbling of energy, our oxidized slabs make that dream of uniqueness come true, of those who want to have a work of art in their home. Each project is unrepeatable, signed PLANIUM, a guarantee of originality.

The slabs are equipped with a special support to be easily hung to illuminate a room.

Our tapestries, in the Mavi and Mavi Calypso Collection, have furnished private and public spaces, enhancing otherwise dull environments. They have graced showrooms and art galleries around the world.

The imposing dimensions of the Mavi Collection are now joined by smaller versions that can be purchased together or at separate times. Any pendant, with blue-green, golden, brown tones, perhaps tending towards coppery, will recall visual and emotional sensations of stillness and beauty.


Why is Planium Feng Shui?

Metal is generated from the Earth and somehow returns to the Earth through recycling and reuse. Everything is part of the infinite and wonderful Cycle of Life.

PLANIUM expresses its essence in Metal, a basic element of the Taoist current that concerns furniture. Feng-Shui deals with beauty, sensory harmony and that of the soul.

According to this ancient Chinese discipline, the house-man relationship identifies the vibratory aspect of energy structures in which fields of subtle energy are identifiable and which are attributed the characteristic of constituting a pattern within which flows a vital flow that connects every being. The space in which we live and work analyzed in this way becomes an environment that adapts to our personality and the activities carried out. This occurs in compliance with the laws that harmonize the forms, functions and substances of all matter thus constituted.

Our pendants can be placed in close proximity to each other.

Due to their small size, they move with every breath or breeze. Caressed by the air and touching each other, they emit a slight sound that accompanies a slow release of the energy of the cosmos. The negativity of a bad day, of a dark period will find a generous soothing effect when you return home.

The pendants can be attached to the ceiling individually.

Often in the East it is customary to hang amulets, prayers and coins as an offering in a sacred place. Auspicious phrases are usually hung in front of a window or on the balcony.

Even in the West similar objects are widespread with the name of dream-catcher, angel-caller or thought-chaser.

We are attentive to what is inside and outside of us. Our production reality is close to the environment and respect for resources. Our corporate orientation is green from the raw material, passing through the processes and reaching the finished products. We limit waste and scrap.

By its nature, Metal is always recyclable and infinitely reusable, another fundamental point in the Feng-Shui code: the harmony of the planet.

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