SM02 Evolution

Sustainable Installations

29 settembre 2022 di Luigi Luca Borrelli
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SM02 Evolution is one of PLANIUM's technical floors studied from a technological point of view with dry laying. In this case, adherence occurs through mechanical support and coupling between tiles. Dry laying guarantees a faster and more environmentally friendly way as it is not necessary to use glues or silicones; moreover, the installation is totally reversible. The underlying insulating rubber, used as a substrate for the tiles and conceived by an ecological study, is an agglomerate of vulcanized rubber granules that works as a sound-absorbing agent.

PLANIUM's SM02 Evolution technical floor can be applied transversally, with different scenarios and always quickly and easily due to its dry laying, on:

- mat;

- flooring that you want to cover;

- floating technical floor.

The fixing takes place only on the back of the tiles and guarantees a reversible laying.

From an aesthetic point of view, PLANIUM's SM02 Evolution differs from other installation systems, as it has an angular screw visible on the surface, a technical detail that characterizes the design of the metal finishes, distinguishing SM02 with taste among all the systems. These finishes can be chosen from the PLANIUM range depending on the color and the metal: copper, brass, stainless steel, oxidized steel, calamine steel or the steel called "Stainless Concrete", each with its own chromatic personality ...

When observing a tile with a finish laid on the floor with the SM02 system, we immediately notice, together with the metal that has been chosen and therefore a predominant chromatic theme, the technical detail of the angular screw: a peculiar scenario to characterize the installation. This detail differentiates SM02 Evolution from the other Planium installation systems. This SM02 reversible dry-laid flooring is made up of several elements: an insulating rubber background, designed with ecological parameters to obtain sound absorption; an angular installation plate that allows, by means of a screw, fixing with the client's optional finish; a metal core interposed between the rubber substrate and the finish that serves to regulate the overall perception.

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