Spikey Mix by Caoscreo

27 dicembre 2022 di Luigi Luca Borrelli
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CAOSCREO offers the "Spikey Mix" for an assortment of Spikey that depict cute small animals and natural elements in quantity: lucky ladybirds, funny cockerels, nice turtles, small squirrels, funny hedgehogs, or even mushrooms, kittens, dogs ... a set of subjects that represent the world of nature transversely.

You can insert your Spikey as decorations in vases or directly in the garden soil between plants and flowers or, by bending the tip, use them as cheerful place cards at the table or as colorful bookends.

Attention to indoor and outdoor is an essential feature of CAOSCREO, which works metal through the most surprising solutions that reproduce nature both with imagination and with reality. Chiseled details for all the brand's functional decorations, respectful of the environment due to the recyclability of metal, a planet-friendly material.


The particular painting then makes it possible to color the metal with more hues, often marked and decisive to the point of characterizing the spaces to make them more virtuous and more creative.

The special paint lasts over time, even when placed in the light and in the green.

Play with contrasts and color concordances: choose your decorations in harmony or in complementary colors to the flowers of your green spaces or to the furnishings of your home and create your mood!

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