The Power of 'Yellow Wave'

in the Workplace

14 aprile 2022 di Monica Crivelli
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[fourth article on the PSICHE & SOMA project with TERENZI SRL-TGROUP]

What color does your mind dye when you think about your workplace? This is the first question I would like to ask anyone who faces, with me, the delicate and complex issue of work well-being.

Color is in fact a quantum-physical element determined by the refraction/reflection of light, which is nothing but energy. I am talking about energy, atoms, particles that have the power to 'bomb' the atmosphere, indeed I would say: that create the atmosphere! They forge its face.

Colors have correlated meanings, among other things, also to the degrees of brightness they emanate... and certainly some of these make us think of happy, radiant days, full of optimism for future prospects as well as others, in which we seem to live “under a Black Cloud”, give us a sense of dismal discomfort. For this reason, in the path of "Team Building" which involved PSICHE & SOMA and TERENZI SRL - TGROUP, the formulas "Black Wave" and "Yellow Wave" immediately assumed a metaphorical but also very direct and explanatory meaning. So that, in order to quickly understand positive and negative trends, trends to be exploited or pessimistic ways to leave behind, the company has often resorted to, both during the "Team Building" and subsequently and spontaneously in some meetings, get-togethers, etc., to these ways of saying that have entered the TERENZI SRL - TGROUP company philosophy.

We present it to you now with the words of Monica Crivelli, with whom we also opened the article through the quotation...

The Power of the 'Yellow Wave' in the Workplace

What color does your mind dye when you think about your workplace? The 'Yellow Wave' is an "anomalous wave of light", which brings with it the color of the sun, of happiness, of benevolent energy! Like a vortex, it overwhelms everything in its path and, in a chain, reaches every thing, person, darkest corner, lifting it from the weights and shadows to which it was a slave. You know the "Domino Effect"? and "the Boomerang Effect"? or even better: "the Butterfly Effect"?


The 'Yellow Wave' recipe

Everyone can find their own! And bring the preparation to the workplace, offering it to colleagues and interns, to their bosses or to their employees. Is simple! Just study the recipe that best suits our tastes. I'll tell you the secret ingredient of the recipe: a smile.

Attention to the Rules

The first rule of the Yellow Wave states: "I am the second hand of my watch"; if the movement doesn't start with me, my watch will never unlock. The second says: “there is no future without a present”; everything is played now. It does not take any "time" to add that pinch of salt to the cake but it amazes a lot.

A Step "behind the Scenes": Discovering the 'Black Wave'

But let us take a step "behind the scenes": who among us is aware of the “Black Cloud” (or better known as 'Black Wave') that we ourselves produce and that envelops us in our days? The incessant "lament" that often accompanies us in everyday life is a fundamental ingredient for the recipe of the 'Black Wave': it disperses our energies and "self-nourishes" in a vicious circle that had its origin in our person and that it keeps coming back like a boomerang with a "Domino Effect".

Alias: Power Is within Us.

We choose the "color" of our sky. If the events of our day were "black", we have the power not to feed that darkness through small daily gestures of "yellow" color, like the sun! There is no doubt that the positive energy that surrounds us will be amplified, increasing the likelihood that people are kinder to us, or more inclined to favor bright occasions for us.

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