The Future that Awaits Us

09 marzo 2022 di Valentina Dago
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... Julia Hill, better known as Julia "Butterfly" Hill is an American environmental activist. Beginning in December 1997, she spent 738 days on a 55-meter redwood in Humboldt County in California, after observing the severe effects that logging had on the environment.

Julia Butterfly went down only with the result: the company in charge of the work undertook not to cut any sequoia within 60 meters. Even today Julia is a source of inspiration for many ecologists from all over the world ...

The Tree is the Future that awaits us. Deforestation puts the planet and its resources in serious danger, because trees are the green lung, which allows living beings to breathe.

Trees therefore need our attention, our commitment to keep the balance of each individual ecosystem stable. To protect them, we must first of all raise awareness in the direction of their protection. If we want to preserve the climate and biodiversity, we need to start with some simple reflections. In everyday life, we can reduce the use of electricity, water and paper and we can buy some cruelty-free products.

ORIGAMI STEEL has been committed since its inception to create and produce objects with a unique design. The characteristic features of the brand echo all the love and respect for Nature. The subjects reproduce animals, leaves, fruits, flowers, true green protagonists of a line that will immediately conquer.

Steel Tree, Fantasy Tree and Heaven Tree: the ORIGAMI STEEL trees are evergreen. No winter will ever turn off their colors and liveliness, no room will ever be the same.


Leafy, rich in details and captivating details, they will be able to welcome photos, magnets, memories. Their surface, available in two sizes, will unfold along an anonymous wall to change the entire perception of space.

Born of metal, ductile and easily recyclable, Steel Tree, Fantasy Tree and Heaven Tree offer three distinct styles that interpret Life itself and radiate positivity and strength.

With each purchase it is always advisable to reflect on the materials used and their disposal, investigating the production processes and the companies that make and market them.

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