At Carnival Playing with the Caoscreo Design

09 febbraio 2024 di La Redazione TBlog
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The month of February is tinged with colours: Carnival has arrived, the happiest celebration of the year.

Party where costumes, sweets and games are on the agenda and where there is a reversal of daily rules and norms, with hilarious pranks.

We will not linger to talk about the history of this event, which you can find here.

Today we will explain about how to maintain this playful atmosphere at home all year round, playing with the furnishing and design of CAOSCREO dedicated to them...


Among our creative ideas, the coat hanger designed by Lorenzo Redaelli, Roger, stands out. It represents in every way the famous pastime for adults and others called Shanghai. The simulation of the modular twist of the rods forms the arms that welcome jackets, bags and hats.

In any of its color variations it will be able to brighten up any environment at any time of the year.

Another suggestion inspired by entertainment par excellence, and suitable for all ages, is the Puzzle Table coffee table, designed by Puzzle One Planet and inspired by the game with the same name. Its halves nicknamed "In and Out" have been designed to fit perfectly with each other, harmonizing with each other. In white, red and black they will add originality and style to the interior of any home.

Visit our shop to get surprised: our furnishing accessories and lighting make living spaces elegant and never boring, giving those who purchase them the opportunity to express their personality.

Like all CAOSCREO products, Roger and Puzzle Table are made of recyclable metal and with eco-sustainable production processes.

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