Beyond the Synergy

Beyond the Synergy

Astep Euroluce

Together for Astep

Terenzi Srl and Planium Srl offer products and services that are certainly different, but it is worth remembering that they share a common passion for metal.

For this reason we would like to tell you about an ambitious project, started in the various departments of our company and ended a few weeks later among the pavilions of the Fiera di Milano.

But let us start from here, or rather from the end... (by Valentina Dago).

Translations by Valentina Dago.

Photos by Ivan Sarfatti.

Artistic and literary property reserved. Reproduction, even partial, of texts published without the written authorization of Terenzi S.r.l.


  • Quadra
  • Design for Well-Being
    Design for Well-Being
  • Architectural Redevelopment, Milan center
    Architectural Redevelopment, Milan center
  • Ducasse Sur Seine
    Ducasse Sur Seine
  • Chiaroscuro