Floor Functionality and Comfort

MR01 Modulo Radiante

 Floor Functionality and Comfort

Design for Well-Being

16 companies - among which Planium Srl - active in the regional, national and international construction sector collaborated in the creation of the ZEB laboratory, representing a virtuous example of collaboration between the world of applied research and the productive sector... (di Eleonora Terenzi).

The ZEB Laboratory is the project leader, for conducting energy and environmentalanalyzes mainly aimed at:

evaluate the performance of materials, components and systems in real operating conditions; determine the interaction between the different technological solutions in a comprehensive vision of the building plant user system; validate and optimize models and detect any critical issues in their application... (by Ludovico Danza).

MR01 Modulo Radiante combines therefore with great balance unique design, flexibility of use and the most current requirements of efficiency and functionality in the field of air conditioning of the environments... (by Marco Veronesi).

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  • Quadra
  • Astep Euroluce
    Astep Euroluce
  • Architectural Redevelopment, Milan center
    Architectural Redevelopment, Milan center
  • Ducasse Sur Seine
    Ducasse Sur Seine
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